Discover the 8-Profit ActiviatorsYou Can Trigger in Your Business Today

Join me as I share the exact system I use to think about my business in 3 unique ways.

Discover how thinking about your organization as a before, during and after unit can help create your next business breakthrough.

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Breakthrough DNA Uncovers the 8 Building Blocks of Your Business

These 8 Profit Activators, like DNA are the fundamental elements of all business. They are universally applicable, and learning to see you business through these frameworks will uncover activators you can use to amplify your results.

This course provides a workbook, and follow-along audio for each of the 8 modules.

In addition we have videos to support each activator as well as case studies and clinics with past students to really help you understand how each of these can apply to your business.


Bonus Modules

  • Before Unit Thinking
    Understand the reasons behind the before unit and identify the most effective target market for you to dominate.
  • Ad Clinics
    Listen in as I review real world examples of entrepreneurs just like you implementing the 8-Profit Activators.
  • Case Studies
    A behind the scenes, deep dive Q&A's into businesses using the 8-Profit Activators to dominate their unique markets.

Inside You'll Discover How To Amplify These 8 Areas of Your Business

1) Choosing a Single Target Market
Narrow your attention and focus on ONE target market (at a time).

2) Compelling Prospects to Call You
Use direct response offers to compel your prospects to call you.

3) Patiently Educating and Motivating Them to Take Action
Patiently and systematically educate and motivate prospects to call you (when they’re ready).

4) Presenting Your Unique Offer
Present your unique service offer in a way that makes it easy for someone to get started.

5) A 'Dream Come True' experience
Deliver a ‘Dream come true’ experience designed from your clients perspective.

6) After-Sales Service
Provide after sales service, even after you’ve already been paid.

7) Nurturing Lifetime Relationships
Nurture lifetime relationships and focus on the lifetime value of each client.

8) Orchestrating Referrals
Orchestrate referrals by giving your clients the opportunity to feel great.

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Take a listen a my friend Joe Polish & I talk about the 8-Profit Activators and how they can amplify every business.

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8 Profit Activators You Can Trigger In Your Business Right Now


Breakthrough DNAMany people are confused by how best to accelerate their business to the next level. Discover how thinking about your organization as a before, during and after unit can help create your next business breakthrough.


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